U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Materials

Following are direct links to official and authoritative U.S. Soccer Federtion Referee Program Materials posted on the U.S. Soccer website (www.ussoccer.com/referees):

Information for New Referees

Referee and Assistant Referee Procedures Videos (Signals, Positioning, Mechanics, etc.)

Referee Continuing Education Videos

IFAB Laws of the Game

  • 2019/20 IFAB Laws of the Game
  • 2019/20 Supporting Documents
    • Presentation of all changes to the Laws and clarifications, including video examples
    • Changes to the Laws and Clarifications 2019/20
      • Full document [PDF]
      • Summary of main Law changes 2019/20 [PDF]
      • Clarification on Law 16 - The Goal Kick (Circular 16, 8/7/2019) [PDF]
      • Clarifications on Laws 3, 8, 10, 12 & 14 (Circular 17, 8/21/2019) [PDF]

FIFA Instructional Resources