Online Recertification

For Badge Year: 2016

** NOTICE: Recertifications for badge year 2016 MUST be COMPLETE by May 27, 2016 **

This site provides U.S. Soccer referees registered with the West Virginia state association the ability to recertify entirely online.

Who May Use This Site?

In order to use this online recertification, you must:

  1. Be a U.S. Soccer Grade 9, 8, 7 or 6 referee.
  2. Have been registered with U.S. Soccer for at least one year within the last four.
  3. Be seeking to register with the West Virginia state association. If you seek to register elsewhere, consult that state association for recertification requirements appropriate to your grade.
  4. Be seeking to recertify at your current referee grade level. This site does not provide the ability for new referees to become certified or for existing referees to upgrade.
  5. Ask your local league for any additional requirements to receive assignments. Some local leagues may require that you attend a referee meeting to review local issues before working any matches in that league.


Following are the steps to complete the recertification process online if you are unable to attend a recertification clinic in person:

  1. Complete the registration and pay the fee to U.S. Soccer at (See "Step by Step explanation of registering directly on U.S. Soccer System," below [PDF])
  2. Declare your intention to recertify online be completing the Online Recert Declaration Form.
  3. Complete the online "Heads Up Concussion in Youth Sports" training provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Print and keep the certificate of completion for your own records. Launch the online Concussion in Youth Sports Training >>
  4. Complete the Risk Management Application >> (required once every 2 years of all recertifying WVSA referees; select "Referee" as your role when you reach the appropriate page of the online module)
  5. View the presentations of this year's WV State Referee Program Recertification Agenda:
  6. Take the online exam appropriate to your current referee grade. A referee instructor will reply within 5 business days with your results:
  7. Once the instructor has replied confirming that you passed the exam, complete the Online Recertification Completion Form attesting that you have completed all requirements and alerting the State Referee Administrator that your registration is ready for review.