2018 WVSA Referee Program Workshop

10:00am – 4:00pm, Saturday, March 3

Morgantown Marriott at Waterfront Place, Morgantown (visit hotel website)

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(There will be a $10 charge for lunch)

Lead Instructor: Nasser Sarfaraz

U.S. Soccer Federation National Referee Coach

Former MLS Referee Coach

Former SDI, SDA and Director of Referee Development, California South Referee Program

U.S. Soccer "A" License Coach

Nasser Sarfaraz began his referee career with the U.S. Soccer entry level course in 1981, while already serving as an NCAA Division 1 college soccer coach. He moved to California South soon after, where he achieved the rank of national referee only ten years after that first entry level clinic.

Nasser first became a referee instructor in 1991, the same year he attained his national referee rank. He became a referee assessor the very next year, and eventually rose within the Cal South Referee Program administrative ranks to serve as both State Director of Instruction and State Director of Assessment.

He was the first to serve as the State Director of Referee Development when Cal South created that position, and in that capacity created a referee mentor program that would evolve into Cal South's prestigious Advanced Referee Development Program (ARDP), whose notable alumni include Baldomero Toledo, Ian and Frank Anderson and members of the famous Mariscal family of referees: Eduardo, Polo, Alex and Felisha.

He has been an assessor at the national rank for more than two decades, and national instructor since 2011. He has served as an MLS referee coach for officials such as Chris Penso, Mark Geiger, Armando Villarreal, Sean Hurd and others. He has served in the capacity of National Referee Coach since the U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program first created that position in 2017.

Nasser Sarfaraz