Title Name Email Phone
 State Referee Administrator (SRA)  Michael McCarthy 304-633-4440
 State Referee Administrator (SYRA)  Kelly Shamblin
 State Director of Instruction (SDI)

 Doug Sharpe
 State Director of Assessment (SDA)  Richard Fulcher
 State Director of Assignment (SDA)  Kevin Nicholson 
 Referee Program Assistant  Andria Hatfield  800-894-9872 x 301

Previous Officers of the WV State Referee Program:

The West Virginia Soccer Association was formed with the merger of the youth and adult organization members of the U.S. Soccer Federation.  The State Referee Program formed at the same time to oversee the referees within the state who served both the youth and adult amateur game.  Officers of the State Referee Program have included (in chronological order):

State Referee Administrator:
Gordon Hearnshaw (WVSA Hall of Fame, Class of 2015)
Randy Churchill
Ted Tolder (WVSA Hall of Fame, Class of 2017)
Les Baldwin (WVSA Hall of Fame, Class of 2015)
Michael McCarthy

State Youth Referee Administrator:
Michael McCarthy
Jessica Kennedy
Kelly Shamblin

State Director of Instruction:
Sam Rizk (WVSA Hall of Fame, Class of 2017)
Bill Keeney
Dennis Brumfield (WVSA Hall of Fame, Class of 2015)
Doug Sharpe

State Director of Assessment:
Ed Hayes (WVSA Hall of Fame Class of 2018)
Alan Manden
Kwame Boateng
Harry Foose
Rich Fulcher

State Director of Assignment:
Harry Foose
Henry House
Kevin Nicholson