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Game Reports

Supplemental Referee Reports should be submitted to the following recipients when the following types of incidents occur in a WVSA-affiliated match.  Links to the U.S. Soccer Supplemental Report Form and other resources can be found below this table:

Report to Competition Authority 
(League, Tournament Director, etc.)
Report to State Referee Administrator
Mike McCarthy 
Report to WVSA Executive Director 
Dave Laraba 
A player or substitute is sent off (red card)

Dismissal of a coach or other team official

 Yes  Yes  
Serious injury suffered by a player, official or match participant

 Yes    Yes
Spectator issues

Field of play issues that do not prevent the game from being played, such as incorrect markings

Field of play issues that prevent the game from being played, such as unanchored goals

 Yes    Yes, if for unanchored goals
Abandoned or terminated games due to bad weather or other issues

 Yes Yes, if terminated due to coach or player behavior
Verbal or physical abuse or assault of a referee or other match official

 Yes  Yes  

USSF Supplemental Report Resources