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Assignor Training and Registration

As of 2014 per U.S. Soccer policy, all referee assignments for all WVSA and U.S. Soccer affiliated matches at all levels of competition MUST be made by a U.S. Soccer certified referee assignor.  If you serve as the referee assignor or referee coordinator for a league or competition affiliated with the WV Soccer Association, complete these steps annually to become or remain a certified assignor:
  1. Complete the Online U.S. Soccer Grade 8 Assignor Course as presented by the WV Soccer Association Referee Program (30:18).
  2. Take the online U.S. Soccer Grade 8 Referee Assignor Exam.
  3. Identify yourself as the assignor for a WVSA affiliated league or competition by completing the Assignor Registration Form.
  4. Review and consider the Practical Application Scenarios and Assignment Exercises [PDF] and participate in one telephone conference call / forum to discuss them with other attendees at any of the dates and times shown below. Dial-in number and instructions will be distributed to those who have completed step #3, above.
    • Contact Kevin Nicholson, State Director of Referee Assignment, for next scheduled conference call:
  5. Complete the WVSA Risk Management process through Affinity Sports:  

USSF Referee Standards of Dress [PDF]
Educating Coaches to Support Referee Development - presentation by Michael McCarthy, WV SRA, at the 2015 U.S. Soccer Referee Program Workshop

Sideline Development: How Parents Can Improve the Game (8:25 video) by Washington Youth Soccer
Michael McCarthy,
Jul 19, 2015, 7:40 PM
Michael McCarthy,
Mar 27, 2017, 12:20 PM