Laney Cole (Charleston) and Jack Clouse (Huntington) Selected as the 2017 WV Young Referees of the Year

posted Sep 20, 2017, 8:01 AM by Michael McCarthy   [ updated Sep 20, 2017, 8:33 AM ]
The WV State Referee Committee has selected the recipients of the 2017 Young Female and Male Referees of the Year from among a field of very strong nominees.  This year’s recipients are Laney Cole of Charleston and Jack Clouse of Huntington.


Laney Cole became a referee in 2015 and has since worked numerous matches in both her local leagues in the Charleston area and in state-level events, including the WVSA State League, Kohl’s Cup, Open Cup and State Cup Preliminary matches.


Laney is a member of the WV Young Referees Academy.  Her nomination was supported by letters of endorsement from around the state, including from coaches for Tri-County Soccer Club in the eastern panhandle and FC Ripley in Jackson County, with one coach describing her as “a pleasure to work with and [giving] great effort in every match.”




Jack Clouse of Huntington has been a referee since 2013.  He has worked frequently in the local Huntington YMCA league where he now also regularly assists in teaching clinics for new referees and in mentoring young referees as they do their first matches.


Jack is as member of the WV Young Referees Academy and has worked matches at numerous state level competitions, including the WVSA Kohl’s Cup, Open Cup and State Cup, where he led the referee crews for the 2016 U12G and 2017 U14B championship matches and served as an Assistant Referee on U15B, U16B and U18B finals.  He has also served on the WV referee delegation to several US Youth Soccer Region 1 events, including the Presidents Cup and the National Championship Series.


Jack’s goal is to climb the referee ladder and someday earn the white FIFA badge.  In pursuit of that ambition he continually seeks opportunities to learn and improve, such as participating actively in online referee discussion forums and attending state and regional level referee clinics where he has been taught and mentored by U.S. Soccer National Referee Coaches and former FIFA International Referees.  He also gives back to the soccer community by serving as a “buddy” in the local US Youth Soccer “TOPSoccer” program.